Hey! This is not Mike this month. This is Coop.

Back in July of 2018, Mike and Jon invited me to join them for an episode of the podcast. Mike discussed seeing Radiohead at Madison Square Garden, Jon shared his love for The Internet’s latest album Hive Mind, and I talked about my adventures at Pitchfork Music Festival. Including nearly getting arrested during Lauryn Hill’s soundcheck. It was a great episode with memories and comradery. But due to some serious personal issues, the episode was never posted.

This is not that episode.

See, we here at Bearded Gentlemen Music like it to keep it fresh like putting on a clean Wu-Tang t-shirt straight out the dryer. Why wallow around in a podcast recorded nearly 6 months ago when you can record a brand new one?

On this go around Mike, Jon, and I talk about some serious issues like why Mike thinks I’m a cheating garbage person for having a guest spot on another podcast. Which one of the Beatles Jon would Fuck /Mary /Kill. We even get a little deeper by discussing what could be done to mend a once strong relationship. To be honest this episode goes all over the map with topics and tone because we’re real dudes. No scripts or preconditioning here. Just three friends sitting crooked and talking straight. That and Mike reminding us that he’s Lionel Richie and we’re just The Commodores.

So sit back and start your year off right by enjoying this special episode of the Bearded Gentlemen Podcast.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go apply the second coat of wax on Mike’s car…

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