Welcome to the Bearded Gentlemen Music podcast… now called “The 1st of the Month”. The format will be Jon and I looking over what happened in the prior month and basically talking about things we like and didn’​​t like.

You can look for the podcast to drop on the first of every month, unless if the first is on a weekend I guess. If it’s on a weekend it will either come out on the Monday after or the Friday before.

Or maybe both. Or maybe neither. Who’s to say, really? Another month, another podcast… am I right, guys?!?!?!?!

So this is the month that the Foo Fighters streak was broken.

There was no new Foo Fighters news and it didn’t come up organically. Sure, Jon tried to force in some weird Foo Fighters talk, but it doesn’t count. The streak is dead and we can all move one.

What did we talk about? Well I complained for a long time about buying tickets in 2018, Ticketmaster, Frank Ocean and getting arrested at a Jimmy Buffet concert. Jon was pretty quiet with the complaining, but he had some STRONG John Mayer takes and he felt strongly about the Justin Timberlake record. But who didn’t? Because, you know, the new Justin Timberlake record was trash.

OH! And most importantly, Jon revealed he is now into house music.

Check out his favorite of the month – Negative Spaces by Trudge. It feels like it’s a whole new world with Jon’s music taste.

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