​Welcome to the new, relaunched, Bearded Gentlemen Music podcast… now called “The 1st of the Month”. The new format will be Jon and I looking over what happened in the prior month and basically talking about things we like and didn’​​t like. 

You can look for the pod to drop on the first of every month, unless if the first is on a weekend I guess. If it’s on a weekend it will either come out on the Monday after or the Friday before.

Or maybe both. Or maybe neither. Who’s to say, really? Another month, another podcast… am I right, guys?!?!?!?!

Let’s take a minute to discuss how amazing it is that we’ve talked about the Foo Fighters for six straight months on this podcast.

SIX. Completely unforced, they always just sort of come up. A half year of Foo Fighters podcasting. Coming soon we will be rebranded as the official Foo Fighters podcast. It has to come soon because I don’t think anyone has ever offered these many thoughts on the Foo Fighters.

Anyway. Here we are in February and discussing music that came out in January 2018. Or not? Because there wasn’t really any good music that came out. So Mike, Jon, and special guest Tatiana from B.G.M. talk about a lot of other random stuff. Mostly how Tatiana is going to regret going to see Queens of the Stone Age live.

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