If you’re bored with the state of mainstream hard rock, look no further than our premiere of Transylvania Stud’s “Burn”.

I’ve talked about Transylvania Stud at Bearded Gentlemen a whole lot over the past year. I covered Red Queen as an indie release on the Splits & Sevens column, and it placed number 17 on the site-wide Top 100 albums of the year. And for good reason. The truth is, it’s rare when a hard rock album hooks me right from my first listen these days. Most acts of the genre are dropping lackluster albums (cough Queens Of The Stone Age cough) or worse, putting out vanilla Dad-Rock like The Foo Fighters (more on that topic in each episode of the podcast).

In many ways, Transylvania Stud is saving hard rock.

What began as a side project from his alternative rock outfit Naveah, Andrew Godfrey has gained plenty of momentum in the indie rock scene as Transylvania Stud. By fusing elements of stoner metal and straight up rock n’ roll, Godfrey has come up with a winning combination of whats been missing in most high profile hard rock releases of the past decade. For a project of one man doing all instruments and vocals, bringing back that particular excitement is no easy feat.

One of the standout tracks on Red Queen is “Burn”. Recorded and mixed by George Pauley of The By Gods, “Burn” trades the Soundgarden-esque grooves for angst-ridden fury. However, the change of pace elevates the rest of the album by proving Transylvania Stud isn’t exactly a one-trick pony. The showcasing of Godfrey’s diversity and expectation of the unexpected also carries over in the music video directed by cinematographer extraordinaire  Corey Allen.

Bearded Gentlemen Music is proud to present the world premiere of the music video “Burn” by Transylvania Stud.


Red Queen is available now from Transcending Records