​Welcome to the new, relaunched, Bearded Gentlemen Music podcast… now called “The 1st of the Month Music Podcast”. The new format will be Jon and I looking over what happened in the prior month and basically talking about things we like and didn’​​t like. You can look for the pod to drop on the first of every month, unless if the first is on a weekend I guess. If it’s on a weekend it will either come out on the Monday after or the Friday before. Or maybe both. Or maybe neither. Who’s to say, really?

I’m to say this month, because the 1st of the Month Music Podcast isn’t coming out on the 1st of the month…

nor does it really follow the format that we normally follow. Partially because we are lazy…

… but partially because we wanted to talk Christmas music. Tis’ the season, right? And let’s be straight up, Christmas songs can be straight bangers. We recap all the Christmas songs we love and hate, but it seems like we mostly talk about the stuff we hate and get off onto weird tangents. We also definitely discover Jon doesn’t really know or like Christmas music like he claimed to. He came in reppin like he liked Christmas music, and it turns out he just has an Elvis Christmas CD and a Bob Dylan Christmas CD that he doesn’t even like.

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Mike Scherf

A writerly writer guy who writes about music, basketball and writing. He now writes here, but has written other places too. He also writes for a big fancy company as his 9-5. Writing, writing, writing. If you want to read his basketball writing (or listen to his podcasting, which isn’t writing but you know).