​Welcome to the new, relaunched, Bearded Gentlemen Music podcast… now called “The 1st of the Month Music Podcast”. The new format will be Jon and I looking over what happened in the prior month and basically talking about things we like and didn’​​t like. You can look for the pod to drop on the first of every month, unless if the first is on a weekend I guess. If it’s on a weekend it will either come out on the Monday after or the Friday before. Or maybe both. Or maybe neither. Who’s to say, really?

September was an exciting month for us because we had some stuff we were really passionate about.

Jon goes deep on the new Chelsea Wolfe (stuff that he liked) and the new Foo Fighters record (let’s just say he didn’t really like it that much). I’m sure you’re all psyched that we do more Foo Fighters talk in this episode. Let’s just be real it’s become a monthly staple.

Mike talks about LCD Soundsystem’s new record (which he says is dope) and absolutely destroys #1 pop sensation Cardi B (which he says is garbage that belongs in a garbage dump). Great times.

Oh yeah, and we both talk about Jon’s long wrong beef with site co-owner, Isaac. It’s very uncomfortable. Mainly because Jon says a bunch of bad things about Isaac and Mike stays completely impartial and out of the spat.

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