The B.G.M. Podcast is back! Re-branded and everything!

Welcome to the new, relaunched, Bearded Gentlemen Music podcast… now called “The 1st of the Month Music Podcast”. The new format will be Jon and I looking over what happened in the prior month and basically talking about things we like and didn’​​t like. You can look for the pod to drop on the first of every month, unless if the first is on a weekend I guess. If it’s on a weekend it will either come out on the Monday after or the Friday before. Or maybe both. Or maybe neither. Who’s to say, really?

And recapping August 2017, the first episode was something. Let’s just say this… how long do you think two people who really don’t like the Foo Fighters can talk about the Foo Fighters? Five minutes? Nope. Ten minutes. Nope. FIFTEEN MINUTES? Nah dawg. You’re going to have to tune in to find out.

But let’s just say it’s a LOT of Foo Fighters talk. A LOT.

Outside of the Foo Fighters, we actually did talk about a few other things. Not much, but we did. What did we talk about? The new Queens of the Stone Age record Villains, how much Jon loves Cloakroom, how rad Hum is/was, the new Arcade Fire record and some other stuff. But listing that stuff really undersells how much Foo Fighters talk there was. This was a very relevant podcast for 2017.

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