Prince is dead.

Prince is dead.

Prince is dead.



Seriously, I just can’t get past that Prince is dead.

Prince Legacy Podcast

At only 57 years old, it was far too soon for an artist that had so much more to offer the world. A true legend and unique spirit, Prince did thing his way and it was hard to argue that it wasn’t always the right way. He died too young, but was there ever really a right time?

Now that we live in a post-Prince world, it was time to put the purple light up in the sky and call together those on the site who care the most to discuss Prince’s legacy and our own fandom.

Included in this pod:

  • Jon and Isaac, the co-Founders and Editors of Bearded Gentlemen Music talk about a grab bag of Prince related memories, but most of all recall the finer points of the album and film Purple Rain. Is it good or is it bad? jk we all know it’s good.
  • Mel jumps on the pod and discusses Prince’s relationship (both musically and personally) with women.
  • Rollie then makes another appearance on the Bearded Gentlemen Music podcast to discuss the first time he saw and heard Prince, and how it changed his life. Also, during this portion we chat a lot about Prince’s image and how closely he managed it.
  • Closing out the podcast, Brandon Perras chats about his personal Prince fandom and how it has led to a closer bond with one of his friends. This portion of the pod includes talk about recreating the “Diamonds and Pearls” video and taking acid.

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Cover art courtesy of Mel Vega.

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