It’s that time again for music fans to make a decision that will define their summer: Will I mess around and try to go to a music festival this year? With most of the major North American music festivals announcing their lineups, Bearded Gentlemen Music wants to help you make this important decision.

On this episode of the podcast Mel, Jon, Cody, Aaron and myself tackle all of the relevant music festival lineups and grade them appropriately. We run down the headliners and lineups of most major fests and give our prospective of if they are worth the time/trouble/expense to attend. Making summer fest decisions are important so don’t make them without input from your friends at B.G.M.

Festivals that we cover in the pod:

Cochella / Panorama / Bonnaroo / Pitchfork / Lollapalooza / Newport Folk Fest Governors Ball / Warped Tour / Levitation / Firefly and more smaller/regional/niche fests!

Our personalities? Shining like the summer sun. The jokes? More enjoyable than a summer BBQ. The takes? OH MY GOD THE TAKES. Hotter than the temps in July.

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