Animal Collective Podcast(Header art created in the Animal Collective “Painting With” app)

Animal Collective has been a band for 17 years. Really think hard about that and think back to the first time you were exposed to the band. What did they sound like then? Have you hung with Animal Collective throughout the entire ride, or did they have particular sounds/moments you were more drawn to?

In this episode Bearded Gentlemen Music writers,  KendonMelissa, and myself, get together to discuss Animal Collective the band and what we think of their new album Painting With.

No spoilers here, but all of us come to the podcast with different perspectives on the band and it leads to some interesting opinions of how to digest the band’s new albums and what we like (and don’t like).


Some of the many thing we cover on this podcast are:

  • Each of our individual experiences with Animal Collective and how big of fans we are
  • How well we know the name of the band
  • How well we know the names of the Animal Collective members
  • How well we know the names of the band’s albums (and in particular the name of the new album)
  • Most importantly, is Painting With good? Or is it bad?

Dying for knowledge and information pertaining to the above questions and some generally chumminess between co-workers? Well gosh darn it, you should join us for the latest podcast.

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Mike Scherf

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