Is the Is Are Review(Super dope oversized DIIV sweatshirt pics courtesy of DIY Magazine)

We’re back! And we made it to episode three! Pretty impressive right? This week we are doing something completely new for Bearded Gentlemen Music – a podcast album review.  Changing the game, kids!

In episode three, I’m (Mike) joined by site leader / co-owner / Editor in Chief / all around good guy Jon Robertson and B.G.M. writer / hot take-haver Mel Vega. Together, we take on the important and fascinating task of dissecting DIIV and reviewing their new album Is the Is Are.

We start by talking what our personal histories are with DIIV and how we feel about their first record Oshin. There’s a lot of this in the podcast, but it’s really important to contextualize how we feel about the band.

From there, we go into the Bearded Gentlemen Music Podcast Signature Rating System™ and rate DIIV’s Is the Is Are.  This is easily the most important part of the podcast because we comprehensively and very seriously evaluate the album to the finest detail.  Also, during this part of the segment, one of us mispronounces the band’s name. STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT.

DIIV SweatshirtThe end of the podcast is a lengthy discussion of contextualizing Is the Is Are to DIIV / Zachary Cole Smith’s career and things get goofy and weird. Let’s just say there’s discussion about a “bring your own pillow concerts”, oversized sweatshirts, a super-secret contest, and journalism ethics. It’s really strange.

So it seems like the general indie blog community really likes the album. I think Pitchfork just gave it an 8 in their review. So what will we think about it? You have to listen to find out. But it’s worth it, we promise. Mostly because we are awesome and the most trusted source for very scientific and comprehensive music reviews.

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