Bowie Super YoungIn episode 2 of the Bearded Gentlemen Music podcast, we cover everything David Bowie. I talk to Bearded Gentlemen Music writers Aaron “Coop” Cooper, Rolando Agado, Melissa Vega, and Jon Robertson all give a little of their time to talk about what intrigued them about Bowie’s career and celebrate his life.

We lead off with Coop talking about how David Bowie made it “okay” to be weird. Coop thinks that Bowie was weird and that was totally awesome and enabled more weirdness in the future.

Rolando Agado comes up next to talk about the morning of Bowie’s death, how he found out and his feelings of gathering information about the death in the modern age.

Melissa Vega then joins the pod to just reflect on Bowie’s death in general. She didn’t have a real focused topic, but that’s ok because she had a lot of original thoughts on Bowie.

Closing things out, site co-owner/co-founder shows up to get funky and talk about the first three songs on Let’s Dance. In addition, he tells a story about Prince. Totally worth sticking around for it.

A bit of fair warning, this Bowiecast is long.  Like really long.  Two hours long. But it’s worth it! We promise! You get to hear a bunch of different, interesting conversations, and hear some crazy good David Bowie songs. Totally worth it.

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