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Published on April 12th, 2016 | by Mike Scherf


B.G.M. Podcast Episode 6: 2016 Music Festival Chaos and Lineup Review

It’s that time again for music fans to make a decision that will define their summer: Will I mess around and try to go to a music festival this year? With most of the major North American music festivals announcing their lineups, Bearded Gentlemen Music wants to help you make this important decision.

On this episode of the podcast Mel, Jon, Cody, Aaron and myself tackle all of the relevant music festival lineups and grade them appropriately. We run down the headliners and lineups of most major fests and give our prospective of if they are worth the time/trouble/expense to attend. Making summer fest decisions are important so don’t make them without input from your friends at B.G.M.

Festivals that we cover in the pod:

Cochella / Panorama / Bonnaroo / Pitchfork / Lollapalooza / Newport Folk Fest Governors Ball / Warped Tour / Levitation / Firefly and more smaller/regional/niche fests!

Our personalities? Shining like the summer sun. The jokes? More enjoyable than a summer BBQ. The takes? OH MY GOD THE TAKES. Hotter than the temps in July.

Also, please subscribe to our podcast and rate it appropriately on iTunes /Google Play /Stitcher and where ever else podcasts are found. What’s “appropriately”? Five stars/two thumbs up/10 out of 10, obviously. Because if you don’t help us, we can’t help you with these hot takes we’re dropping. Help us help you by encouraging us to make the best podcast possible, because we’re insecure like that.

Editors Note: Are we good or bad? Like we really need to know. The world and the universe depend on us knowing this. I mean this podcast is amazing and we do the best job ever. So we need to know how good… or bad we are, but we know we are good. We just like hearing how good we are. If we are bad than keep your opinion to yourself or if you really feel like you need to you can tell us. Thanks!

Mike Scherf
A writerly writer guy who writes about music, basketball and writing. He now writes here, but has written other places too. He also writes for a big fancy company as his 9-5. Writing, writing, writing. If you want to read his basketball writing (or listen to his podcasting, which isn’t writing but you know), go here: igohardnow.com

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6 Responses to B.G.M. Podcast Episode 6: 2016 Music Festival Chaos and Lineup Review

  1. comstructiveCritic says:

    Pros. I’m happy you talked about all of the bigger festivals but also smaller ones. Everyone knows about Coachella and Lollapalooza but not too many know about Moogfest. I also like how everyone seems to be friends in real life and not random strangers.

    Cons. The intro music goes on forever. Audio levels are all over the place. I keep having to turn the volume up and down and thats annoying. One guy must have shitty service because when talked it was just cackles and cuts. I’m not sure if the girl is a wife or girlfriend but she’s on just about every episode and brings nothing but a monotonous, grating voice that just talks sooo fucking much without saying anything of importance. Most tje biggest complaint is how after about 20 minutes everyone just sounds like angry know it all hipsters talking to hear themselves talk.

    I did enjoy a few episodes tho. This one was okay and the Kanye West episode was informative. I think with more practice and planning you could have a good podcast on your hands.

    • Melissa Vega says:

      Why hello there, “comstuctive critic”

      It is I, the girl with the “monotonous” voice. Just so we are clear I’m not a wife or a girlfriend of anyone on the podcast, in fact I’m actually a writer for Bearded Gentlemen Music. Did you know that girls can write about music? Also did you know that the owner of BGM enjoys using this blog and podcast as a platform to share opinions that aren’t always from a male perspective? It might hurt your brain to think about, but it’s true. In addition to being an actual writer for the site, I’ve written about more festivals for BGM than anyone else that talked on the podcast, including Austin Psych Fest (which I will be covering again this weekend) as well as FunFunFun Fest. If you search the site, you should find them, they’re very good. Reviewing festivals is also really difficult and requires dedication, strategy, and endurance. A few things I have a lot of and all of which definitely made me a valid contributor to the topic. Oh and lastly, I’ve also attended more festivals than anyone else on the pod, at least in the last few years…so ya know, if anyone has some insight into what festivals are like, and which ones are worthy of attendance, it’s me. So thanks for the feedback but my voice isn’t changing and I plan on being on a lot more podcasts in the future.


  2. Hello comstructiveCritic,

    Site owner, senior editor, and guest on the pod here.

    Pros. Thanks for the feedback! There’s a ton of smaller fests that definitely deserve the attention and we wanted to make sure we called them out. Also, stoked to find out that we have some good chemistry going on. That makes me happy.

    Cons. I am the one with the shitty service. Don’t use Skype on iPad it is garbage. I think considering the amount of guests and not wanting to stop a naturally flowing conversations when audio levels went weird our host Mike did a pretty great job dealing with all the technical difficulties, but those are valid points and we are always trying to improve the sound quality. I think you will notice an improvement on our latest pod which is going up today.

    As far as the “girl”, she is one of our long-time writers and I think more than anyone brings the most valid points. She is aways the one that is the most prepared as well as far as notes and research are concerned. Seems to me that you might be singling her out, because she is a “girl”. The comments about her voice isn’t really “comstructive” criticism is it? What does your voice sound like when it is recorded? Are you the Barry Manilow of recorded voices, or perhaps the Barry White, or maybe even the Barry Gibb? If so, you are totally qualified to criticize someones speaking voice, if not then maybe lets keep the criticism “comstructive”.

    Also, we are angry know it alls. That’s why we have a podcast to make sure that everyone knows how angry and informed we are. That’s kinda the point. Glad you caught on.

    Again, thanks for the feedback overall. We really appreciate it. However, let’s not get too personal with it.

    Thanks for listening!

  3. Aaron Cooper says:

    I’m just insulted that no one insinuated that I’m sleeping with one of the BeardedGentlemen to be on the two episodes I’ve been on….

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