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Published on February 16th, 2016 | by Mike Scherf


B.G.M. Podcast Episode 4: Kanye West – The Life of Pablo

TLOP PodcastIt’s hard to spill any ink over Kanye West that isn’t already on the page.

Kanye is one of the most troubled, beguiling, and frustrating artists of the current generation. He’s also one of the most talented. A hip hop artist that embraces an album-centric approach to making music and chooses to make fully-form pieces of art rather than a collection of marketable singles.

While Yeezy doesn’t chase fame with his music, he does so through his constantly grating and abrasive public persona. He’s not only a celebrity who says exactly what’s on his mind, you often question where those words are coming from. Somewhere deep down are you hurt, Kanye? Are you sad? Are you mad?

If it wasn’t enough that the hype for The Life of Pablo has been suffocating, the bullshit that surrounds Kanye West has been louder and more ignorant than ever. It’s getting harder and harder to separate Kanye the artist from Kanye the guy, giving pause to many people who fought to the death that Kanye was a singular genius.

Kanye West The Life of PabloSo that’s why we pulled this podcast together. Because The Life of Pablo is finally upon us. On the pod, we are joined by Jon Robertson, Cody Davis, Rolando Agado, and myself to talk about Yeezy’s career, wild opinions, and the album The Life of Pablo.

Of course, in grand B.G.M. podcast tradition, we determine once and for all if The Life of Pablo is good or bad, but we also contextualize that point and fully explore the connection between artist and art. The Life of Pablo is claimed by Kanye West to be a grand artistic statement… but is it? Only by listening to this podcast will you ever find out.

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3 Responses to B.G.M. Podcast Episode 4: Kanye West – The Life of Pablo

  1. Nutrider says:

    What’s up guys first time listener but enjoyed the conversation. In reference to the “Is Kanye serious about fashion?” question, I’m sure you guys would remember that Kanye referred to himself as “Louis Vuitton Don” back in CD days, and the precursor to any of his shoes with Nike or adidas are some very hard to find Louis Vuittons he designed. There were two failed clothing lines before Yeezy Season. He’s very much known for switching up the hip hop fashion game with the pink polos and prep look. Some people believe him and close friend Don C are solely responsible for the retro Jordan craze. There was the whole dumb “fanned glasses” thing. And he’s name checked many a fashion designer in all of his previous records. Notable is on “Last Call” from CD where he says “Jean Paul Gaultier cologne fill the air”. Kanye said at the MGS listening party that a dream of his is to be creative director of French fashion house Hermes. In the early aughts Gaultier was in fact the creative director of said house. I’d say fashion has been one of Kanye’s long standing passions.

    TL:DR – Kanye has liked fashion for a very long time.

    • Mike Scherf Mike Scherf says:

      Hey there… Totally agree with you! He’s long been passionate about the fashion game for a while, but I guess so are a lot of rappers. Where the rubber meets the road is that he has actually done it multiple times (starting a fashion line) and failed multiple times. I can’t remember where I read it, but there was an article online that attributes most of his debt to his passion for being part of the fashion game.

      I think there’s a point at the end of the podcast where I say I think he cares more about fashion than his music at this point and I really do stand by that. The guy truly loves it for whatever reason and just hearing his comments about his recent successes with Yeezy Season really shows how excited he is about it.

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